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"Setting up with Unionlists was one of the best things we have done in terms of trying to communicate to our members. Once you upload your members email addresses it is a simple matter of adding to and deleting from the subscriber list. Our email communication is called eNEWS and usually goes out at least once a week. The email has short narrative with a link to the fuller story on our website, it works well and enables the branch to cover a wide range of subjects. Our members have become accustomed to reading our email bulletins, recently we have started an e NEWS Pension special. In these difficult times our members are facing economic hardship and members are finding it difficult to find time to read newsletters, attend meetings. e NEWS gives them the flexibility to read updates at a time that suits them. Our e NEWS is not a replacement to branch and shop meetings, rather a welcome addition to our wider branch communication strategy to brief our members on the threats facing them. I would strongly recommend Unionlists to any trade union branch. "
John Burgess , Branch Secretary Barnet UNISON

Welcome to the home of unionlists - a service for trade unions, the labour movement and the voluntary sector providing easily configurable email discussion and announcement lists. Hosting lists from half a dozen to over 50,000 subscribers, unionlists is unique: run by trade unionists, for trade unionists, using state of the art list management software and providing fast and helpful technical support.

Email lists, of one form or another, are an essential tool for trade unions, pressure groups, membership organisations of all kinds. Whether for enabling members to get important news fast, or enabling debate and discussion within a branch, service group, sector, whole union or even internationally, email provides a level of communication which previous generations of trade unionists could not even dream about. Lists can be for announcements, for newsletters, for private discussion or public engagement. For your activists, for your members, or for those who you hope to recruit. An email list is a reliable way to communicate effectively and efficiently. List messages can be in plain text or with illustrations, and provide a perfect mechanism to involve people in your campaigns and activity.

We can get a list up and running in under an hour, and our services can include hosting your list here on unionlists, or setting up your own mailing domain, so that you can have several lists with your own domain name - whether you currently have a domain name, or not. We can arrange domain name registration at competitive prices, and we can handle all of the technical details.

If you're an activist, organiser, staff member or officer, and you'd like to discuss what unionlists can do to help your organisation, please contact us: email nick@thewebtailor.co.uk or phone 07771 533055.

If you are not looking to set up a list, you have probably come to unionlists to join one of the existing lists we host - you want the lists page.

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unionlists is a service for the trade union movement and voluntary sector by thewebtailor, a web development and hosting service geared to the needs of campaigns, trade unions and pressure groups. If you need to communicate on the internet, talk to thewebtailor.